If it's glass... See us!
As Kansas' oldest glass shop, Lewis Street Glass is the only company in Wichita with glass experience as trustworthy as the old Ford Model T, which was our first delivery truck.  Founded in 1919, Lewis Street Glass has remained a family business.  Over the years our business has expanded to include commercial glass work, new construction, remodeling, and repair, but we have remained committed to the principles we have had since the beginning - Integrity, Craftsmanship, and Service.  So if it's glass... see us for prompt and quality service, regardless of the specialized or unusual nature of your needs.   




Lewis Street Glass Co. Inc.
743 S. Market ~ Wichita, KS 67211~ 316/263-8259 Fax 316/263-5702
www.lewisstreetglass.com   for information email: jbyers@lewisstreetglass.com